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Commercial Kitchen / Restaurant Design

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing one, a vital part of the process is to properly plan/design the layout of the commercial kitchen and dining area/bar area. This typically requires you to hire an architect, or hire a Project Manager and a Design specialist, with experience in designing commercial kitchens/restaurants.

At Restaurant Equipment Paradise, we employ a seasoned team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in overseeing the design and construction of commercial kitchens and entire restaurants or other food services businesses.

Our Project Managers have meticulously overseen a wide variety of new and renovation projects, both large and small, for numerous restaurants and food service-related businesses.

Our Design Team will listen to your business concept, answer any questions you have, obtain measurements and basic layout of the building space, work with you to determine the equipment you desire and the placement of each item and bring it all to life in 2-D and 3-D blue-prints. In no time at all, we can quickly draft your restaurant floor plans, kitchen layout, as well as bar and seating design.

Here are just some of the things our Design Team can do for you:

  • Initial consultation – develop needs of client, design of space, equipment, based off of the menu and style of cooking.
  • Measure
  • Schematic design – conceptual drawings for the space.
  • Design development – finalize the layout in conjunction with architects, interior designers and engineers,\.
  • Finalize the needed equipment
  • Construction documents – shop drawings, spec books, schedules (equipment, electrical plumbing).
  • Project coordination – working with fabricators, engineers, architects, designers and other specialists, to gather all required documents.
  • Site inspections – as project progresses to ensure our measurements match the architecture measurements (sometimes things need to change as work progresses).

In closing, we would love to help develop your plan as it relates to your commercial kitchen/restaurant layout/design and equipment needs. The experts at Restaurant Equipment Paradise will also make sure you get the best prices available on any restaurant equipment you purchase from our company.

For more information on customizing your project, price quotes, and package pricing, please call us at 888-372-8733 or email us through this website.