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Commercial Ice Maker

Full Size w/ Bin Stand Up Ice Machine with Dispenser
Full Size w/ Bin Stand Up
Consider your demands and look at the ice-making attributes of different manufacturers designs offered in the marketplace and then make your purchase through Restaurant Equipment Paradise for the best price!
Ice Machine with Dispenser
Our of ice machines with dispensers are available in a variety of sizes that produce cubelet-nugget shaped ice; certain models also have water dispensers.
Ice Storage Bin Modular Ice Maker Head Only
Ice Storage Bin
An ice storage bin is essential if you own a commercial ice machine. At Paradise, we offer a variety of storage bins and will gladly help you find the one best suited for your business needs.
Modular Ice Maker Head Only
At Paradise, we have modular ice maker head only devices that produce large volumes of ice in either crescent cubes, cubelets, squares, or flakes. We also have ice storage bins to accompany your ice maker purchase.
Ice Machine Accessories Ice Machine Cleaner
Ice Machine Accessories
We have an assortment of ice machine accessories at Paradise, including handling supplies like scoops and bags.
Ice Machine Cleaner
Ice machine cleaner purchased through Paradise is designed for fast, easy and economical removal of mineral deposits on all types of ice machines.
Undercounter Ice Machine Water Filter
Undercounter Ice Machine
When considering investing in this incredibly useful ice making appliance for your business, seek to own an undercounter machine and eliminate your worries about having enough ice for your patrons.
Water Filter
Water filters are an incredibly important part of preventative maintenance for your ice machine to prevent scale build-up and keep your ice machine in proper working order.

Commercial Ice Maker
Need a commercial ice maker? Restaurant Equipment Paradise provides a huge selection of commercial ice makers and ice makers with dispensers at wholesale prices. Plus, we offer a large variety of top quality commercial foodservice equipment. If you are starting a new foodservice business and need new equipment and some expert guidance, or if your foodservice business has been in operation for years and you need to upgrade your commercial equipment, we are our expert customer service team can help you either get started or expand your commercial kitchen and restaurant. Paradise prides itself in providing the best and most durable sustainable and reliable ice makers for both small and large businesses. Whether you are looking for a commercial ice maker that produces exceptionally hard, a commercial ice maker that produces crystal clear and round ice cubes, an ice maker that produces or crescent-shaped ice cubes, a commercial ice maker that produces soft, light, chewable ice cubes, or a flaker ice maker that produces soft chewable flakes of ice, Paradise has the right machine for you.

The internal designs of our ice makers are such that they produce quality ice that require little if any repairs and therefore little if any downtime. Since not all ice makers produce the same kind of ice and different models make ice specific for kitchen purposes, choosing the right commercial ice maker is important. Our staff at Paradise has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in choosing the machine that is right for your business needs.

The ice makers with ice & water dispensers that we have available for purchase through Paradise also feature stainless steel exteriors and are therefore more durable and easy to maintain. Our machines have built –in ice storage and dispensers for both cubelet and cubed ice.

Our ice storage bins have stainless steel exteriors and the bins are durable, attractive and easy to clean. Their liners are made of non-corrosive material which gives you a safe and clean storage area of your cubed or flaked ice. Foamed insulation positioned within all bin walls and the bottoms of the bins provide dependable, low melt-rate ice storage. Also, some of the ice makers you can purchase through Paradise have a baffle design which makes it easier to access your ice.

Many of the ice makers available through Paradise at discounted and extremely competitive prices include those manufactured by Hoshizak, a highly reputable and respected company whose products stand out in quality. Clients have rated the ice as clear and hard, non-cloudy ice that mixes very well with alcoholic spirit drinks. The ice has the highest displacement than any other ice and retains its shape. The cube ice is rated as a genuine cube and the crescent ice allows pouring and nipping of spirits without splash. The ice has the slowest melt rate, because it is clear and hard and it doesn’t bridge while in the ice storage bin.

For more Information about the floor models and undercounter ice makers, give our sales support staff a call. We are happy to assist you in determining not only the type of ice that may work best, but also sizing and the unit as well as on site design. The quality and durability of the ice makers are easy to configure and our depth of manufacturers makes it easy to work with us. The quality and versatility are unparalleled and can be verified through the many different ice maker manufacturers. When considering investing in this incredibly useful ice making appliance you’re your home or business, seek to own an machine and eliminate your worries about having enough ice for your patrons.