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Pizza Prep Cutting Board 1/2" thick is $17.95 per square foot

Quick Calculator:
  • Height in inches x Length in Inches = Total Square Inches
  • Total square inches divided by 144 = # of square feet
  • Square feet x $17.95
  • 2 ft x 3 ft Board = 24" x 36" = 864" inches
  • 864 / 144 = 6 sq ft
  • 6 x 17.95 = $107.70
Pizza Prep Cutting Board Sandwich Prep Cutting Board
Pizza Prep Cutting Board
Sandwich Prep Cutting Board
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Cutting Board
List Price:$299.00
Our Price:$205.00
OEM Cutting Board  24"X72"
An Informative Guide On Why And When You Need A Replacement Cutting Board

A cutting board, occasionally also called a slicing board, is an essential device in any commercial kitchen. Cutting boards that are not changed when they ought to be can lead to illness and cross contamination, so board replacement is one kitchen chore that must not be overlooked.

Why do you require a replacement cutting board?

The main reason is to avoid contaminating food prepared on the board. A damaged, distorted or busted board presents an array of severe safety concerns for any Restaurant. They consist of:
  • Risk of health problem: Because worn cutting boards are extremely challenging to clean appropriately and completely, unsafe germs can with time grow and hide on the cutting surface. If moved to food (and there are high possibilities that they will), they can cause severe ailment.
  • Threat of injury: Such boards can also be a safety danger specifically when cutting with a sharp knife. The unpredictable surface area could cause the knife to slide. Indicators you require replacement cutting boards. The most usual kinds of cutting boards are the wooden and plastic boards and they might reveal similar indicators of wear.
Wooden Boards

These are understood to naturally withstand the development of bacteria better than plastic boards. Laminated wood boards tend to be less dishwasher-safe and more challenging to clean correctly. You need to replace your wooden slicing board if or when:
  • It becomes exceedingly deformed or grooved.
  • The seams in between the board begin to different. The bulk of wooden boards offered featured several laminated wood pieces. Germs might grow in the joints.
  • It gets fractured. Such a board can be hazardously unpredictable.
Butcher-block counter and other irreversible wooden cutting surfaces have the tendency to be more tough with regards to cleaning and replacing than portable cutting boards. However, taken care of surfaces position the same security dangers as their portable equivalents. When your butcher block gets too deeply grooved and/or scored, just sand and then refinish it to recover the original smooth surface.

Plastic Boards

As holds true with acrylic and hard rubber boards, plastic cutting boards can be extensively cleaned by running them through a dishwasher cycle. This removes the majority of the collected food bits as well germs. You should consider changing your board if:
  • It's covered with a multitude of knife cuts or deep grooves. Some of the bacteria might stay in the cuts even after cleaning and cause illness when transferred to food.
  • It has become deformed: Plastic boards could warp if they are delegated stay in the dishwasher throughout the drying out part of the cycle. Such boards do not provide safe, stable surface areas on which to cut and ought to be changed instantly. To stay clear of warping, eliminate the board once the wash cycle is full then let it air-dry.
When you change your deformed or broken cutting board, then you can be sure that your cutting, slicing and cutting will go on a lot more smoothly. You ought to consider elements such as size, expense and sanitation when selecting a replacement cutting board.